KBB Value Your trade

Upper Sandusky area drivers looking to save money on a new car at our Tiffin and Fostoria area Hyundai dealer have the option to trade in their old car to save up to thousands of dollars. Using our trade-in calculator powered by Kelley Blue Book, you can approximate how much your car is worth to us in just minutes. Let us know everything about your car, including year, make, model, style, engine, transmission, drivetrain, and mileage. We'll create a customized market report based on all that plus the additional features and the condition that your vehicle is in, including average market value, supply and demand in your area, and the range of prices it can go for.

Approximating the trade-in value of your car is a great first step to creating a budget for yourself. Our selection of Hyundai models for sale to Upper Sandusky area drivers at our Tiffin and Fostoria area dealer is already affordably priced, and saving up to thousands of dollars could mean you're driving off the lot behind the wheel of a brand new car that costs you just as much as a used model.

Contact us today with any questions about trading in your old car for a new one at our dealership or to schedule a test drive of a new Hyundai. We're looking forward to helping you save money!